Table of Mortgage Interest Rate History

A mortgage interest rate is the rate of interest charged on a mortgage. Mortgage interest rates can be either fixed or variable. The rates tend to rise or fall with the interest rate as established by the Federal Banking system and the amount of return on the Treasury Notes, both of which can greatly affect the housing market. Our Mortgage Interest Rates Table displays historical mortgage interest rate data, as to the national average for that specific time period and is provided for 30 Year Fixed loans only, averaged to the nearest percentage for a Conventional Mortgage Loan or one that is insured by either the FHA or VA.

 Mortgage Table

(*  Partial Monthly Average)


The information as written above has been obtained and processed from sources deemed reliable, then averaged to offer as an indicator of what a mortgage rate of interest was at a specific time period.  It does not in any way take into consideration of what any individual mortgage applicant or application may involve in any underwriting process of and by any licensed mortgage originator.  [For example:  In 1981, a young couple without a 3 yr credit history or work history, in a home purchase transaction, with viable income and financial resources were able to secure a purchase money mortgage in the amount of the purchase price, however with a mortgage rate of 22.75% plus having 11 points to process the loan, mortgage originator was a family friend-??): ]